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What is Software Integration and Why do you need It?

  • Krunal Mendapara
  • |
  • 8 Nov, 2021

Across the world, there are over 3.2 billion smartphone users. So, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is in boom. The problem is: how do you get your data syncing between all the different platform?

This becomes especially tricky when your team relies on different platform and applications. No one likes to waste time importing and exporting files from one department to another. It is great to have it automatic rather than having to do it manually.

software Integration is one of the challenges faced by the companies currently. Many applications are not connected and result in tiny isolated islands of data.

Luckily, software integration can save you from all the tedious tasks. In this article, we’ll cover the basics of software integration and how it can make your life a whole lot easier.

What is software integration?

Whether you have just started your business or are an executive at a big IT company, it is not easy to bring together various types of software sub-systems into one place.

In broader terms, software integration refers to the process of combining two software to solve the issues arrived from isolated data. Often organizations need software integration solutions while they are transitioning from one cloud-based data app. Big companies often create this software in-house, whereas small businesses usually prefer SaaS.

According to Gartner, the cloud services market grew by 17% worldwide in 2020, and SaaS services to $151 billion in 2022. The rapid growth in software integration solutions represents the value they add to everyday business needs.

Why is Software Integration necessary for your organization?

Various organizations may need integrating solutions depending on their requirements. Here are a few reasons why software integration is necessary for all organizations.

Migrating from the outdated systems

The legacy systems or outdated systems do not ensure total data security. Many businesses need to adopt modern software to ensure utmost data security, money-saving, and boosting accessibility. To migrate the data, companies will use an integration tool that will help in integrating data from the outdated system to modern apps.

Merging the disparate systems

Organizations that use multiple systems to manage their employee’s data, inventory, data reports, etc. For instance, a grocery store that uses a point-of-sale system may want to integrate it with the inventory management software as it will help them track their stock level, optimal sales, and replenishment of the goods.

Increase in productivity

Integrating software uses the same data sources that allow improving the operation productivity. People who have to enter the same data over and over again know how tedious it can get. But with software integration services, no one needs to use data entry and switch between different software applications to make processing quick and straightforward.

Improved Data Security

When you keep all the data under one umbrella, it is easy to manage the security of your data. By integrating the management, administration, and backup, tasks get pretty simplified.

Wrapping it up!

Software integration helps to improve the ROI of the organizations. They can streamline the sales process and improve your order fulfillment rate to deliver a positive impact on your sales potential.

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