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NewEvol Threat Intelligence

Smart threat intelligence to empower companies with unparalleled visibility into threats. Go deeper into your system and activities with detailed analytics to protect your business from unpredicted attacks.

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Threat intelligence solution with valuable insights

The smart threat intelligence to detect and respond to cyber-attacks and threats effectively. NewEvol Threat Intelligence is evidence-based knowledge, including context, mechanisms, indicators, implications, and action-oriented advice about an existing or emerging hazard to assets. Threat Intelligence help in automating data collection and processing applying Machine Learning (ML) that help SOC team to get better and accurate results. Faster processing time using ML technique gives in-depth analysis with deep learning algorithms to improve the efficiency of your security team. NewEvol Threat Intelligence can easily integrate with variety of tools currently deployed in your Organization. Get a 360-degree view on different aspects of ongoing threat activities. Easily navigate between vulnerability reports to identify and quickly resolve to respond against cyber-attacks.

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NewEvol Threat Intelligence is a
revolution in data in Cybersecurity.

Streamlined Insights into your Security Threats

NewEvol Threat Intelligence help you quickly navigate between actors, malware, tactics and vulnerability reports to get a 360-degree view on all threat activities.

Go Deeper into Threat Intelligence

The smart threat intelligence system help companies inspect into each activity and provide real-time intelligence on threats.

Breach and Machine Intelligence

NewEvol empower companies with smart intelligence and advanced threat intelligence system, which uses Machine Learning (ML) technique to protect company’s data against malicious events.

Operational Intelligence

At Sattrix Software, expert team performs detection and response services and offer unparalled security services to global companies and protect their business against all types of security threats.

Adversary Intelligence

We help companies stay ahead of emerging threats. We facilitates companies with advanced tools and expert’s team to identify risk with a process-driven approach and resolve risks quickly.

Automate Security Operations

Our threat intelligence solution have capabilities to prioritize detections, validate defenses, and identify the latest threats. Easily automate security operations and lower security costs.

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NewEvol Threat Intelligence

We help global companies overcome technology challenges by strengthening their businesses with automated threat response systems. NewEvol Threat Intelligence empowers businesses with advanced analytics and deeper visibility into suspicious activity and provide threat alerts. It helps you gain meaningful insight, single pan visualization of security in company, real time security, and automate response to security threats. It gives a broad overview of a company’s threat landscape and enable you to check suspicious files, IP addresses, domain and URLs.

Ease of Integration
Threat Intelligence

We provide easy integration of threat intelligence from leading open-source and commercial providers. The advanced analytics system give precisely prioritized alerts to take action against cyber-attacks quickly.

  • Scenario-based analytics
  • Achieve accurate security analytics
  • Develop custom analytic
Infinite Scalability
Advanced Machine Learning (ML) capabilities

It offer Advanced Machine Learning algorithms to process tons of data from multiple sources quickly and deliver actionable insights against any security threats.

  • Faster processing time using ML technique
  • In-depth analysis with deep learning algorithms
  • Quickly detect and respond to security issues
Agnostic Architecture
Actionable Threat Insights

NewEvol Threat Intelligence is an integrated platform to increase security analyst productivity in threat research, analysis, and intelligence.

  • Scalable, real-time intelligence distribution to security controls
  • 360-degree visibility into threat intelligence quality
  • Easy integration with variety of tools
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Security and threat intelligence tools holds a lot of opportunity to improve your company’s security posture. It empower businesses with advanced threat detecting capability to improve their cyber-resilience against any threat. We offer an affordable yet advanced threat intelligence solution with security alerts to prevent any losses to your business. Get empowered with risk detection and quick response capabilities.

NewEvol Threat Intelligence is based on advanced Machine Learning (ML) technique, which helps in detecting threats and prioritizing tasks to resolve issues. It can further customized as per your company’s data needs. NewEvol Threat Intelligence makes you aware and prevent attacks before they harm your valuable information or data.

Machine Learning relies on mathematical models which are built by analyzing pattern in datasets. These pattern are then used to make predictions on new input data. Similar to the way Disney+ and Netflix offers recommendations for new TV series, based on previous viewing experience. Machine Learning (ML) triggers alerts and perform predictive measures against cyber threats. The advanced system makes faster, more efficient, effective, and accurate incident response in real-time.

NewEvol Data Lake

Empowering companies to ingest data from multiple tools, help them identifying and mapping fields for data schema which gives better insights into your company’s security loopholes.

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