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NewEvol Data Lake

Empowering companies to ingest data from multiple tools, help them identifying and mapping fields for data schema which gives better insights into your company’s security loopholes.

Store Data at Scale, Gain Visibility and Data Privacy

The NewEvol Data Lake is a modern and robust data lake architecture, which is secure, fault tolerant, scalable, open and cost-effective cybersecurity solution. It offers immense data security, scalability, and searchability. It provides companies with fast search, multiple integration and context driven event enrichment for superior threat hunting. The data lake solution investigate alerts and hunt for threats quickly and accurately. Companies can create reporting structure as per their need or they can also choose from the pre-built modules. NewEvol Data Lake is powered by modern and scalable data framework to drive industry leading performance. Get the most economical solution to perform analytics without thinking about data volume and licensing costs.

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Product Features & Benefits

NewEvol Data Lake is a revolution
in data storage and analytics.

Unlimited Data Storage

NewEvol Data Lake is built to scale by design. It helps you retaining historical data in a distributed file system. It helps companies store and perform data at scale with complete security.

Easy Management

NewEvol Data Lake is super easy to deploy and manage. You don’t require a team of expert data administrators. As your company’s data need grows, it automatically scales and reallocates resources accordingly.

Data Enrichment

NewEvol Data Lake has an extensive data ingestion to perform enrichment across multiple sources. It helps you ingest data from multiple formats such as delimited, JSON, XML, PCAP, Syslog, etc. It offers enrichment with the help of best-of-breed contextually aware event analytics model.

Flexible Reporting

It is important for companies to build reports as per their business requirements. NewEvol Data Lake includes a comprehensive reporting module helping companies build their own customized reports.

Health Monitoring Console

NewEvol Data Lake natively supports health monitoring features to watch on key data lake components and send alerts about downtime and any other data integrity issues.

Visualization and Dashboard

NewEvol Data Lake perform AI powered analytics and visually present the outcome to make decisions faster. However, you can create custom dashboards from the pre-built widgets.


NewEvol Data Lake

We help global companies overcome technology challenges by strengthening their businesses with a storage repository that holds a vast amount of data. NewEvol Data Lake empowers businesses to store and manage unlimited data from multiple sources. It helps you with issues such as lack of open system integration and modification, gain meaningful insight, single pan visualization of security in company, real time security, etc.

Ease of Integration

The NewEvol Data Lake solution comes with default integration:

  • 100+ out-of-the-box integrations
  • Integration available on the fly
  • Post deployment support for integration
Infinite Scalability

The NewEvol Data Lake helps companies store unlimited data at affordable cost:

  • A simple and open data format
  • Peta bytes of data
  • Easy searchability
Flexible Expansion

It offers a flexible expansion that supports data management, ingestion, security and many more:

  • Data security
  • Artificial neural network
  • Big data based SOAR
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NewEvol Data Lake help you gain visibility across cloud, on-premises and hybrid data. After gaining visibility, it ensures your company stays in compliance by making it easier through integration with other cloud application. It helps you ingest data from multiple sources and formats and provides smart analytics into your security system.

NewEvol Data Lake help your business to ingest enormous amount of data from multiple sources in various different formats. It helps you gain better visibility into the analytics with the help of AI enabled dashboard. It offers immense data security, scalability, and searchability. It provides businesses with fast search, multiple integration and context driven event enrichment for superior threat hunting. Ultimately, you’ll get an affordable Cyberresilience for your business.

NewEvol Analytics

Providing companies with advanced security analytics a scale to monitor, detect, investigate and quickly respond to threats with a cloud based analytics.

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