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  • Krunal Mendapara
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  • 24 Jan, 2022

With the increasing digitalization, cyberattacks have been escalated exponentially. In a few recent years, we have witnessed many such new attacks happening in some or other Organizations. With these increasing cyberattacks, there comes a major responsibility on the shoulders of the security team or SOC team of the respective organization. Solving too many alerts within a short period of time generally leads to either leaving suspicious threats or solving false positives. To reduce these mistakes and have a quicker response, there is a need for a tool that can help everyone in overcoming these mistakes.

What is SOAR?

SOAR stands for Security Orchestration Automation and Response. The term was Coined by research company Gartner that describes the convergence of three distinct technology markets: security orchestration and automation, threat intelligence platforms (TIP), and security incident response platforms (SIRP).

SOAR features are not just limited to faster response time. SOAR also helps in minimizing the risk resulting from a security incident and improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the SOC operations.

With Proper integration with current security tools, SOAR can help Organizations to detect and act on threat immediately.

Why NewEvol SOAR?

NewEvol SOAR helps security teams to manage and respond to a huge number of alerts quickly. SOAR will take current security techniques a step further by accumulating comprehensive data gathering, case management, standardization, workflow, and analytics to provide organizations the ability to tackle such a large number of alerts within a short period of time along with accuracy.

NewEvol SOAR

1. Integration with SIEM

  • Default integration with ArcSight. There is no requirement for third-party integration. Works seamlessly with external systems as well based on API integration.

2. Built in Intelligence

  • Built-in Intelligence for security triage and decision support system to help the analyst to make a decision quickly.

3. Easy playbook configuration

  • Create your playbook with an easy drag and drop option in workbook designer.

4. Customizable Dashboard

  • Create your own dashboard as per your defined parameters. Visualize and analyze the data through various infographic details and make a better decision

5. Open API architecture

  • With open API architecture, you get the benefit to integrate any third-party tools with the NewEvol SOAR.

6. Default Playbooks

  • Get default 50+ OEM playbooks with our solution made for basic as well as advanced threat detection.

NewEvol Support

We provide our customers with endless support from our side. As an OEM, we provide full technical support to our customers to help them save time and resolve their queries without any delay.

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