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Business Process Automation (BPA): The Definitive Guide

  • Krunal Mendapara
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  • 06 Oct, 2022

Are the employees in your organization tired of performing the same menial tasks daily? Then opt for Business Process Automation and work towards the organization's growth!

Quick Summary: Some organizations struggle with mundane and repetitive tasks. It limits their time and hinders them from performing more significant activities. Consequently, many companies have begun to enlist multiple software to execute minor tasks and streamline their core processes. Learn more about business process automation that can help your organization to save time and money.


Having more or a little extra time is nearly impossible in the corporate world. Activities demanding different levels of attention are almost daily, and completing all those tasks within the deadline feels like an achievement. But, an organization can not deny that many of their employee's working hours pass by in executing the same old monotonous work like maintaining data entry, organizing papers and records, etc. Employees waste approximately 21 days a year doing menial and repetitive office-related work. Further, per the study, a company loses $1.7 million annually for every 100 employees who pass their time idly.

The higher authorities in an organization must recognize these losses and take adequate actions regarding such matters. An organization should hand over critical tasks to their employees instead of making them run on the same track daily. It will undoubtedly boost their performance and lead their business to success. So when employees focus on high-level tasks to increase efficiency, what happens to the data entries, paperwork, and sign-ins? Although these tasks are trivial and repetitive, these activities contribute substantially to making a business better. The ultimate solution to these problems is implementing Business Process Automation (BPA) in your firm!

Read the article to learn what BPA is and how it helps save time and increases a business's functionality!

What is a Business Automation Process?

Business process automation (BPA) is software that standardizes processes, streamlines repetitive tasks, and optimizes collaboration among employees with access to the system. In short, BPA helps businesses save time and money by optimizing their workflow.

Business Process Automation generally uses software technology to automate routine tasks to reduce human error, increase efficiency, cut costs, and streamline operations with minimal manual intervention.

BPA can be used in several ways in organizations. For instance:

  1. Purchase orders: Traditional purchase order processes are often lengthy as employees have to ask one or multiple supervisors to sign the requests. With automation, purchase orders are routed directly to the appropriate party.
  2. Accounts receivables: Creating invoices, delivering them on the specified dates, sending payment reminders to customers, maintaining a digital payments record, and helping in account reconciliation, require constant and predictable cash flow. You can use BPA to automate these activities and avoid mistakes.
  3. Employee onboarding: You can frame an efficient and consistent procedure for onboarding new hires by automating the HR department's tasks, including gathering data, granting system access, etc., all the while minimizing costly errors.

What are the types of Business Process Automation?

The most important thing is finding the proper automation process for your organization. So some of the most common types of business process automation are:

Task Automation

This automation aims to reduce or eradicate the manual tasks in the process as much as possible. Task Automation takes care of the minute duties like sending emails, updating statuses on the current projects, printing, etc.

Workflow Automation

This automation aims to reduce or eradicate the manual tasks in the process as much as possible. Task Automation takes care of the minute duties like sending emails, updating statuses on the current projects, printing, etc.

Process Automation

Process automation scans all aspects of a process to identify automation opportunities for the entire process. It involves automating individual tasks and workflows that are part of a process.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) aims at automating everyday repetitive and structured tasks. Tasks include an employee logging, retrieving data, and then adding that RPA can handle data to another system since they do not require decision-making.

What are the benefits of Business Process Automation?

Businesses of all sizes can reap numerous advantages from implementing BPA solutions in their day-to-day operations. Some of them are:

Reduced Errors

Even the most skilled employees in an organization are capable of making mistakes. It can happen due to multitasking, absent-mindedness, lack of attention, neglect, and forgetfulness. This impacts the performance of your employees. Thus, organizations can decrease the chances of human error by automating processes.

Increased Efficiency

Businesses can automate tedious business processes to streamline their operations. Moreover, the results produced through a BPA are quicker, more reliable, and more cost-effective.

Reduced Time Consumption

Business Process Automation can save employees a great deal of time and allows them to work smarter and not harder. This makes them more productive and efficient towards essential tasks.

Increased Productivity

Organizations that employ technology to automate daily see an increase in productivity. The primary reason is that machines can perform many tasks simultaneously, accelerating the processes. This gives employees more time to work on other things, increasing their productivity.

Higher Profits

While normal operations are vital for the operation of any business, they do not add value to an organization's consumers. As a result, manually conducting these activities frequently results in lost revenue. Organizations may boost their revenue by automating tedious duties and spending more time on operations that provide value to their customers.

How can Sattrix help your company?

BPA is, therefore, a must for any organization to reduce the preventable risks from iterated tasks and act upon increasing the potential profits from new opportunities. But setting up automation does not have to be stressful when we are there to assist!

At Sattrix, we streamline business processes through software solutions to increase process correctness, efficiency, transparency, and compliance while reducing time-consuming human labor.

We can give you a hand in easing workflow automation, process orchestration, reporting, and advisory services with efficient business process automation services. Some features of our BPA tool are:

  • Availing quick and accurate results of a security incident with the help of automated reputation checks.
  • Our business process automation tools are customizable to suit your business needs.
  • Our agile software and methods deliver unique solutions, assisting you in innovating and progressing further.

Besides automating the daily tasks, you can avail of the following benefits using a diligent BPA platform:

  • Enables organizations to create a detailed workflow and manage those processes efficiently using a single platform.
  • You can reduce regulatory risks with our expert team by your side and make your system flexible and adaptable to changes.
  • Our standardized and enacted system-wide policies govern coordinated and efficient execution and eliminate redundancy in your applications.

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