Software Development Company can Use AutoML and No-code AI tools

How a Software Development Company can Use AutoML and No-code AI tools for Optimum Benefit

  • Krunal Mendapara
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  • 30 Jun, 2022

Have you ever used WIX, Bubble, Webflow or Card? If yes, then you already have an idea about No-code. Earlier ignored as just hype by the IT industry, no-code is taking the world by storm. It means regular users willing to build a website no longer need web developers for the coding. Through drag and drop tools, they can create a website from scratch. Some software development companies in the USA were apprehensive about this because website development remains one of their primary income sources.

This is not it; nowadays, no-code AI models are also being developed. In future, it might eliminate the requirement for data scientists, data engineers and machine learning engineers. No-code and AutoML are disrupting the IT industry. Let us glance at what is in the store for custom software development companies.

What are no-code AI and AutoML?

Despite the growing popularity of AI (Artificial Intelligence), a recent study by Forbes suggests that 83% of the companies are reluctant to adopt it due to a shortage of skilled resources, financial constraints and a lack of supporting infrastructure. However, no-code AI and AutoML are rapidly emerging as game-changers.

No-code AI is a no-code development platform that has a standard drag-and-drop interface. But, as the name recommends, it is code-free, and even non-technical people can develop accurate AI models with its help.

No-code AI and AutoML enable individuals and corporations to experiment with AI and ML to leverage cutting-edge technologies for business growth.

What are the benefits?

  • No-code AI and AutoML enable organizations to automate processes. The company’s business users can build their own AI and Machine Learning models, requiring fewer data scientists and data engineers.
  • Earlier, business users had to request data scientists to complete tasks frequently. No-code AI and AutoML tools have reduced their dependency on data scientists as they can now perform these tasks independently.
  • The tools make existing development processes hassle-free by accelerating code writing, data cleaning, categorizing, data structuring, training and debugging. Thus, companies can build unique AI solutions faster at a lesser cost. For example, several studies suggest that no-code and AutoML tools can reduce the development time by 90%.
  • With these tools, even non-technical users can build AI solutions to leverage domain-specific experience.

How can it benefit software development companies?

No-code and AutoML tools are not just for non-technical people. Even a software development company can use them to expedite the development process and deliver satisfactory and timely services to their clients.

Here are some of the most popular no-code and AutoMl tools:

Google AutoML

This Google-empowered platform offers various machine learning solutions like image classification, natural language, AutoML translation, video intelligence and tables. In addition, their deep learning models enable developers to develop customized machine learning models even with little or no experience.


This no-code tool is excellent for object detection and semantic segmentation models. Even iOS developers can create and manage datasets without writing a single line of code through this tool. MakeML also has a dataset store that is used for training a neural network at an unprecedented speed.

Teachable Machines

This is another Google-backed machine learning platform to directly identify images, sounds and poses in the web browser. This tool offers a simple drag-and-drop interface, and it can create image and sound datasets using the webcam.


Data processing comprises a significant portion of machine learning projects. AI-powered annotation software SuperAnnotate expedites the data annotation process by employing machine learning skills. It helps users build prediction models using the picture and video annotation tools.

Runway ML

This AI-empowered no-code platform built for creatives is used for editing, animating faces and creating synthetic photos & videos.

No-code AI platforms and AutoML tools are no substitutes for computer scientists or data engineers. However, they can automate several processes and enable software development companies to deliver their clients faster and superior products.

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