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Digital Transformation Culture: Fully Automated Businesses

  • Krunal Mendapara
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  • 24 Aug, 2021

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the innovative use of modern technology to administer automation processes to encourage a revolutionary change to your business. Making use of all the digital tools at your disposal-like automation and data analytics; you can radically transform your business in order to make informed decisions favoring the growth of your company. There are numerous ways to make your business tech-savvy and resourceful via the use of digital transformation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation at 59% of organizations for certain surveyed companies. Covid causes a lot of disruption among the utopia of companies due to work from home culture. There was high demand for digital transformation systems to bring those dystopian companies into harmony. These software's peaked during covid as there was the need to turn a cautious eye upon the mismanaged or loss of manual labor during the lockdown.

Digital transformation success in business workflows

Digital human resource process

Digital Transformation is adopted by organizations at rapid speed to automate a broad array of HR processes. This smoothens processes like employee onboarding and offboarding, employee training, tracking timesheet, leave request, etc. This automating process helps HR teams to implement analytics and performance management.

Finance process

It is a holistic method of financial management that is based on the digital landscape and revolutionary technology. Business automation software can improve customer service and meet their needs more quickly and personalized by saving more time and reducing manual banking work. It helps to automate operations, real-time data visualization and operating models with robotic process automation.

Approval routing

Using automated approval software makes the process smooth and simple. Automation helps employees to get the approval of the software itself, so they don’t need to run around their heads for permission or signature. Business Process automation software can help to ease the process of approval or help employees to generate a query by raising a ticket which will automatically connect them to the support team with the approval from their heads or managers.

Automated cybersecurity operations

No company is immune to the attention of cybercriminals who may attack any location, type, and size of the business. If the companies try to defend and manually address every alert that comes in then it would take considerable time. By that time, attackers may steal and move on to the new threats. So, cybersecurity automation is the only way to schematically detect, remediate and protect from cyberthreats without any human intervention. It executes a series of security actions across your entire infrastructure in a matter of seconds.

IT process

With smart automation of IT operations, your organization can automatically be synchronized across all interconnected systems. Automating your company's IT processes allows you to focus on the most essential tasks. Using complete automation on asset inventory listing and tracking, controlling URL filtering, File Monitoring & Automation, domain management, general requests/inquiries, user account maintenance, can replace repeatable processes and reduce manual intervention.

Boons Of digital transformation

Increased efficiency & transparency

One of the biggest benefits of business automation software across the organization is more efficiency can optimize time, resources, and cost. The automation process will improve transparency in the organization, for example, if the sales team and accounting team use the same software then they both can know the entire process from the beginning of the client’s need to the last step of payment. So, the complete process becomes transparent within the organization itself.

Reduce the waste & save money

Nowadays Software development companies have come up with unique automated processes which reduce the manual, paperwork, and cost of papers by digital news, communication via email, online bank statement, etc. Simply if organizations use an automated process, they save money and time also.

Improving competitive advantage

In this competitive world, the digital transformation in business gives you the advantage to grow in your industry. If you choose the right software to fully automate your business processes the new functionalities will be enhanced and upgrade your business.

Business process automation is the replacing of manual work with technology-enabled automation, specially tailored for complex businesses. Any company that comes to your mind when we mention "automation"? Well, the giant of revolutionizing their industry to an extent where they achieved worldwide fame and recognition is Netflix! They made use of technology and data available to them to reimagine their products and tailored to the customers need; which is why today they have a gargantuan number of users, statistically speaking- about 74 million U.S. and Canada subscribers. Companies like Netflix make use of software development services for digital transformation by Implementing and socializing automation across the entire business eventually benefiting the whole team to allow newly efficient workflow.

With the right tools, you too can create a better business output by upgrading your underlying technology and shifting the communication platform. Simply inculcating newer technology into your company, you can induce exponential growth to your business too!

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