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How Sattrix Software Solutions helped Financial Industry to collect vulnerabilities from one platform, clean these data as per requirement, and for critical vulnerability create automated jobs on the tool to patch endpoints. We've helped them run analytics on top of vulnerability information to improve vulnerability management.


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Java | Python | Rapid 7 API | BMC API | Custom Module for Analytics

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One of our clients from the financial institution was looking for Rapid 7 VA + BMC - Integration Solutions that could offer a tool to automate patching of vulnerable critical business systems, analysis of quarterly results, vulnerability & remediation status to make sure that end to end security is achieved.


To eliminate the manual process of data cleaning and to compile the vulnerabilities directly to the BMC portal for the remediation process. They wanted to make an immediate action plan on the most critical vulnerabilities. Our challenges were to streamline collaboration of the integrated tool, exclude tedious tasks, and improve efficiency.


To address all these challenges our software developers used advanced process automation technique for data collection, sensitization, and management of vulnerability information. using store vulnerability information we have create automated patching using API and enhanced integration was performed meticulously to compare analytical data between quarterly information to make sure not a single vulnerability is missed.

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