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What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a term used to explain how software allows a company to configure a ‘robot’ to run applications, process transactions in the same way that a human does.

RPA software sits at the ‘presentation’ layer on applications and is therefore non-intrusive. It simply mimics the actions a human performs, and functions within the same IT security controls.

The RPA journey


Automation of
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Automation of
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Traditional automation, e.g. macros or underlying application changes, are somewhat limited to one application. RPA is often referred to a ‘swivel-chair’ in that it can seamlessly interact with many applications.

RPA typically deals with structured data. However, we are already starting to see increased usage of Cognitive Automation or Artificial Intelligence to make use of unstructured data to unleash the power of big data and analytics.

What does RPA look like?

RPA software typically provides the ability to model a process, apply rules and decisions, and define inputs and outputs.

‘Debugging’ modes allow users to identify, x and test processes to ensure it meets requirements.

You don’t train all robots. You simply create an approved automation, which any robot will follow without fail.

What can robots do?

Simply put, if a process meets some key criteria and a human currently performs it, there is no reason as to why the process can’t be automated.

Robots can work much faster than humans but are subject to the same response times from third parties or speed of applications.

Business benefits and implementation

RPA has both a strategic benefit as a sourcing option, and obvious benefits in terms of processing costs, efficiency, accuracy and scalability. It is a ‘tool’ in the armoury of many companies, allowing them to make better use of both technology and workforces in the pursuit of strategic goals.

RPA can often be considered as a tactical solution where a major long-term application change is not possible.

How we help

  • We support the strategic decisions about RPA in the context of other sourcing options – across units where activities can add value
  • We help you to identify where RPA will add value and which processes are feasible
  • As an independent provider, we objectively support the evaluation of vendors and offerings
  • We support all aspects of implementation – including setting up robots and supporting the people and process implications
  • We help you to establish a centre of excellence for RPA so you can
  • independently run the model – in-house


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